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Haivision | CoolSign

Haivision’s CoolSign™
digital signage solution boasts all the features and functions for any signage need – from small deployments to sophisticated multi-screen landmark displays to large-scale global networks. Launched in 1998, CoolSign has a long legacy of innovation, pioneering many aspects of digital signage technology including n-tier architecture, native multicasting support, real-time connectivity, full edge device monitoring and control, flexible media scheduling, closed data architecture, bandwidth usage controls, and many others. Additionally, CoolSign’s management user interface (UI) is frequently cited as being one of the best in the industry – providing rich functionality in a simple, elegant, easy-to-use manner.

Secure, scalable, reliable, and efficient – CoolSign serves the demands of various retail, government, financial services, corporate and pure-play digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) networks around the globe.

CoolSign Products

Server. At the heart of every system is a CoolSign™ Central Server. For larger networks, CoolSign supports an n-tier architecture, enabled through CoolSign Transfer Servers and Site Controllers – the key to scalability. CoolSign allows you to create the topology that runs your network most efficiently.

Player. The CoolSign player provides broadcast quality playback of a wide range of media formats and dynamically rendered real-time data. Advanced options provide the ability to drive multiple screens from a single PC and to synchronize multiple PCs together allowing for high quality playback across many screens.

Manager. The CoolSign Manager is the graphical user interface from where all aspects of your network are managed, from content management to schedule creation to network monitoring and remote configuration. All with point and click simplicity – without sacrificing any capability.

DataWatcher. The DataWatcher allows you to bring in data from virtually any source and have it easily flow into your dynamic content templates. With security and manageability at the forefront, DataWatcher allows administrators to reduce network configuration and immediately be alerted when links to data sources are down.

Creator. The Creator tool provides the ability to layer and animate multiple media assets and live data elements such as RSS feeds, POS data, databases of pictures, text, products and more.



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