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Scalable Disply Technologies | ScalableDesktop 2.0

Multi-Megapixel Edge-Blended Windows®7 Desktop

ScalableDesktop 2.0 is an innovative software application that automatically blends and warps multiple projectors (6 projector maximum*) into a multi-megapixel Windows desktop.

ScalableDesktop 2.0 is the latest version of Scalable’s flagship desktop product introduced in 2009. It is the perfect solution for creating a cost effective video wall without the need for manual, external hardware. ScalableDesktop 2.0 is based on SDT’s patented camera feedback technology and allows immersive multi-megapixel visualization environments that can be created at the click of a button.


Cost Effective - Easy to maintain, ”software only” approach utilizing COTS components without the need for dedicated hardware.
Easy to Use
- No dedicated technician required, single PC, projector agnostic, quick setup process.
More Pixels = More Effective Meetings
- Significantly increased display resolution provides more screen real estate which will in turn make group meetings far more efficient.


Automatic Edge-Blending - Rapid camera based calibrations for pixel perfect blends, setup and completed in minutes.
New User Interface
- Brand new look & feel helping to streamline the calibration process, even more user friendly.
"One Touch" Re-Calibration
- Enhanced automation built in for users to re-run a calibration in the blink of an eye.
Requirements Validator
- Ensures your system meets the minimum requirements for creating a great display.
Enhanced Screen Fitting Options
- New methods for calibrating curved screens expediting the setup process.
Capture Additional Inputs - Using a Datapath Vision RGB-E2 a user can feed two HD inputs (i.e. video conferencing codec, DVD player, DVR) onto the desktop in separate windows.

Target Markets

  • Business Collaboration and Conference Rooms
  • Data and Business Visualization
  • Interactive and Touch Displays
  • Museums and Houses of Worship
  • Ultra High Resolution Desktop Workstations
  • Video Playback and Digital Signage
    Designed for professional environments
* Ask your JB&A rep about the Basic Requirements for this system.



ScalableDesktop 2.0

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