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Tempest · Specialized Enclosures for Your Projectors

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Projector Enclosures · Outdoor, Indoor & HUSH Accoustic

Any Projector. Anywhere.
Indoors, outdoors, the new generation Blizzard enclosures from Tempest will protect your investment and ensure long equipment life. Proven outdoors in every climate type, and now running silently in meeting rooms and theatres around the world, the new Blizzards are the best protection there is for your 3-15,000 lumen projector. Blizzard HUSH enclosures silence any projector, and our rugged Indoor enclosures protect your equipment in public spaces.

Blizzard - There's a Blizzard enclosure for just about any digital projector from 3,000 to 10,000 ANSI lumens – all Blizzard models are available with either DEC climate control or just force-cooled, depending on your application and budget.

Blizzard Mount - Any projector, anywhere - and now at any angle! Use this heavy duty XYZ mount to hang any Blizzard enclosure in any position, with 360 degrees of pan, up to 90 degrees tilt and even 10 degrees of roll adjustment.

Cyclone - Now you can safely use the largest large-format projectors outside or in acoustically sensitive environments. Tempest Lighting Cyclone™ enclosures are custom built to house a wide range of projectors, from 14,000 to 40,000 ANSI lumens. New Cyclone HUSH models reduce projector noise to a whisper in auditoriums and educational spaces.

Remote Monitoring - Connect this handy interface over a simple RS485 link (using Cat5 cable) to monitor the status of your projector enclosures at a remote location. Ideal for larger video-mapping projects, now you can monitor and control multiple enclosures over a single wire. Use the RDM-TRI interface also for field firmware upgrades of any Tempest enclosure with DEC3.2 and up.


Blizzard DataSheet
Blizzard Mount DataSheet
Cyclone DataSheet
Cyclovator Tilt Kit DS
Remote Monitoring DS

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